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A Precious Truth 

Listen and take a step into joy,

be so vulnerable that you become... 
naked among the stars ~ chrissy v.

  • The Woman's Ways: Revitalizing the Beloved Garden of the Woman's Soul

  • Meditation with Horses

  • Life Coaching - Organize your thoughts and achieve your goals

  • Clutter Clearing for Mind, Body and Home - Clearings & Blessings

Luminea Natura: Coaching by Design 

Certified Life Coach, Institute of Life Coaching



" Horses carry the Wisdom of Healing in their hearts, and offer it to any humans

who possess the Humility

to Listen"           ~ Tactfully Done

My role is to nurture the dreams and visions of my Clients.

To encourage and help them stretch themselves, and to cheer them on when doubt tells them they can't. 

A little bit about  The Woman's Way Gatherings It simply began by a desire to provide a program where women could gather, remember the women who taught them about life, including ancestors they'd never met.   To provide a nurturing space to share themselves,  learn others and be revitalized while they recognize their own strength and creative spirit.  


During a 6 week program, we engage in an array of wholistic practices such as,  Meditation, Tapping, ("EFT" Emotional Freedom Technique),  Soul Journeying and working in partnership with horses and nature.  I include an hour private coaching session during the program.  I love including practical and creative exercises and a dose of frivolity because  "live was meant to be joyous". 


Through our work and play together, self-esteem & confidence increase.  Goals are clarified and met.  Woes are lighten, and most of all, we learn from one another while making new friendships.


I'm honored to serve these women, and look forward to creating more opportunities to share. 

 What Clients have Shared:  

  • "Thank You! Your support and motivation is invaluable".

  • "This program helps to feel supported and rediscover ones-self."

  • "It is an escape from our busy world and I loved meeting new women friends and loved spending peaceful time with the horses!" 

  • "Loved the group energy and your way of presentation".

A bit about Chrissy ...

Even as a young child I was always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters, sharing them with friends or leaving them to the sacred space of my  journals.  Since then, I’ve progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex stories; fiction, children's stories, or a life experience that propels itself towards a variety of business ventures.  I love the spirit of creativity, and offer my version of living outside the box as an opportunity to uplift the lives of people and animals alike. 



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