- happiness

Its name is in the wind that gusts, then silences without an echo of breath

I hear it, begin to feel the essence calling me home

Where have you been

For so long my thoughts were, you had departed me, avoided and abandoned me

Now, you come, quietly, though you are still a distance from me

I sense your majesty, familiarity

You touch my soul tenderly, reminding me you’d never gone, you’d never leave me alone

I feel the faint whispers in the light breeze you dance upon

Like twinkling stars scattered on an endless dark sky

You are near

You are nearer even more with the passing of the day’s moments, with the sign of my anticipation

I welcome you, need you, and with open arms, receive you

Hardy and strong, thickening as life is prolonged
Comforting my every woe

Happiness, again you are mine.

In my heart and in my home.
Playing joyfully, reminding me, you had never truly gone

January 26, 2015 ~ c. vouniozos 

- Ojai Star

Dancing star in the night

Glistening, gliding

Illuminate my life

In the darkness, the black of night

You echoed to me, moving above

Dancing in the night

Dancing star, shone so bright

Glistening, gliding

Illuminate my life. 

c. vouniozos

Ojai, California 

January 14, 1996

-My Mornings with Horses

The fragrance of rose pedals,
Like falling in love for the first time.

Falling in love with this dynamic being

Falling in love with yourself
— with that first kiss.

It’s like soaring on the wings of your dreams
The ones that have been calling out to you,
Patiently awaiting your notice of their sweet and subtle whispers

It is knowing you’ve arrived
And Thanking the heavens and the hooves, for sharing your light.

It is life in it’s truest form 


Inspired by Trampus @ The Healing Equine Ranch, Calabasas, CA

04/13/2015 c.vouniozos 

Los Angeles, CA, USA

©2017 Christina Vouniozos